úterý 13. listopadu 2007

Make your ramrod just great!

Tak nějak poprvé jsem se začetl do spamu, co mi chodí na email, no a nevím co proti tomu všichni mají. Dyť je to docela prdel, asi to začnu sbírat :)
Pozoruhodné je že mi chodí hlavně nabídky na prodloužení péra. No asi viděli můj profil na amateri.cz

Nejpovedenější kousky:

Hello Day witeg
fuck foreplay, she'll want your enlarged piece in her!

Unless you have a big penis, the ladies will go elsewhere

Did you always wanted to be satisfied with an average penis and average women? We don.t believe it. So we are here with our offer.
Mega refers to "great". And this new development MegaDik makes your ramrod just great!
Buy it and be delighted with your new successes with women!
You.ll be so pleasantly surprised...

Hi mommy witeg
she'll have more than enough to do once you make your cock huge

We came to offer you something completely new !
You never supposed that some medicine could make feel so sure in bed.
We offer MegaDik, that will start a new wave of your s'e_xual pleasure.
Your s'e_xual instrument will be record-breaker!

Hello lovely witeg
you aint got shit if your not packing an 8 inch cock

Hey baby witeg
she'll be demanding sex soon when you get a big dick

Before Manster i never scored any ladies, now i’ve had 5 this week, its all about confidence

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